A new kickstart: Get yourself into action

I’m trying to create a beautiful space where high motivation meets the relaxed feel of lying at the beach. I think I’m almost there.

I’ve been spending a lot of time at the beach these Summer holidays, and it’s been absolutely wonderful. Being with nature and off my phone has helped me reconnect with the simple pleasures of nature, and taken my mind off looking at the clock and checking emails.

Now that it’s “back to work” time, and although it’s taking me a little time to get motivated, I don’t want to completely lose those gorgeous feelings of freedom that being in nature without (much) technology brings. So, I’ve determined that I’m going to keep things simple, and just get s*** done. Get the work done while maintaining the magical summer feelings of freedom that #beachlife brings.

For example, this website. These blogs. It’s been far too long between writing. (In fact, I’m too embarassed to look back to when the last post was published. I have a feeling it was early 2016, if not earlier).

I’ve come to realise that to tick off the long list of things I want to do, I simply need to do them – while reminding myself all the while that nothing will necessarily take much time. Usuallyit’s the thoughts of “that will take so long!” that stop me before I’ve even begun. That’s probably because I expect perfection in everything I do. But, I have to remind myself of the wonderful advice from Sheryl Sandberg, “Done is better than perfect.”

It’s about getting s*** done –  getting a lot of s*** done -, and not expecting perfection. It’s about letting go of the thoughts and feelings related to my list of things, and just working through the list without those feelings having power over me.

Just take it one step at a time. As a mentor once said to me, think of it like you’re going to eat an elephant. It might seem like a huge feat, but how you get there is simple: just eat one chunk at a time.

And on that note, this is one chunk. Just a quick write-up on my site: nothing perfect, nothing worth angsting or worrying about. Just another bite of the elephant that is my long to-do list.

Onward! Time is wasting and it’s the only resource that exists which we cannot get more of.

/ Daisy

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