What’s the solution?

Gaffa Gallery Sydney

Solo Show

March 30 – April 10 2017

Digital projection with sound, mixed media

Fascinated by the world around me, I’ve always been a keen observer of life: how we live, what we believe in and how we relate to each another. At the same time, I’ve had an ongoing interest in death. Every single day I meditate on my mortality; reminding myself that all we experience in this life will some day morph into… who knows what.

In my art practice, I create work that attempts to connect emotionally with people and tell them something of significance. My work then becomes a kind of bridge: linking my existence with that of the observer. This connection can continue to be made long after my physical body has died, and therefore transcends time and my own mortal existence. This is a sacred space: another realm altogether, which I am honoured to exist in forever through the medium of art.

“What’s the solution?” grapples with the monumental issues we are facing as a society and questions what we can do. While the threat of global warming and all its implications is before us, we are told daily that we need to buy things in order to be happy: perpetuating the cycle.

Is the cycle of consumerism sustainable? What are the impacts on our planet? What are the impacts on ourselves?

“What’s the solution?” is a critical and self-critical work: pointing the finger at the dis-functions in our society, and provoking us to interrogate our individual responsibilities.

For more head here.

Photo credit: all photographs shot and edited by Daisy De Windt.

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